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bearing services

The most demanding and essential machinery in the industrial sector needs bearing services for the best operation. The services applied are preventive or corrective maintenance, which create a major impact on the company's processes.


The best bearing service options consist of optimizing, refurbishing and reusing bearings, which not only guarantee the maintenance of the part, but also provide the best performance as a whole.

Bearing optimization consists of a 100% national technique, in which the set is evaluated, to employ solutions that provide the best performance of the part and prolong its useful life, reducing wear. In some cases, this technique can be used more than once, and there are already perfectly functioning bearings that have already undergone renovations.

During the renovation, it is possible to correct aspects that directly impact the proper functioning of the bearing, such as:

  • Oxidation;

  • Concentrated load wear;

  • Hardening clearance in the cage;

  • Clearance in the separator ring;

  • Oxidation and wear of the rollers;

  • High roughness;

  • Overheating;

  • Fatigue.

It is worth noting that the optimization and renovation process also has a positive impact on the environment, as it avoids the disposal of parts that can be reused. In this way, it reduces the negative impact resulting from the manufacture of a new part, in addition to providing a much more attractive cost-benefit ratio for the industry.

When provided by a company of excellence and reference in the market, bearing services usually offer guarantees, ensuring that the equipment does not fail again. In many cases, the service warranty is usually longer than the purchase of a new part, thus providing more security in operation.



One of the pioneers in bearing services in Latin America, Intacta Rolamentos employs proprietary techniques, which provide bearing optimization, with more than 10,000 refurbished bearings, all with zero failures after the process. Intacta Rolamentos' bearing services promote savings that can reach up to 80% in relation to the complete replacement of the part, serving all brands on the market.

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