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Bearings all brands

The industrial bearing is a component that allows controlled rolling between two or more parts, making a machine or equipment work and reducing friction between surfaces. The component is manufactured in different models by different suppliers, and the bearings of all brands are produced with durable and strong raw material.

Bearings of all brands available on the market are made of steel combined with chromium, and their interior is made up of rolling elements. The bearing has inner rings, which constitute sheave rails and housing interposed between them, through outer and inner races. In addition, the parts are subjected to the bearing normalization system.



There are several types of bearing, each following a different shape and function. The environment in which it will be used, the type of force and applications are also decisive in choosing the correct bearing. Bearings of all brands available can be ball, roller, needle, radical, axial and self-aligning bearings for specific situations. It is important that self-aligning bearings are not replaced by any other bearings.

The bearing models that are available on the market are:

  • Conical: it has high precision and does not produce noise, consumes little energy and does not require constant maintenance. Bearings of all brands in the conical model are manufactured in different sizes and materials, to better meet all the needs of the industry;

  • Compensator: used to accommodate heavy radial loads, this model has two inclined outer and inner races with balls in these rows. The center point of the outer race remains on the bearing axis, therefore, it becomes compensating;

  • Rigid Ball: Developed to withstand high speeds, high rotation,  and radial and axial loads, bearings of all makes of the rigid ball model are very versatile and multifunctional. It has internal and external rings and needle crowns, being of simple assembly and maintenance;

  • Axial: designed to support axial load in one direction, it consists of rings in the shape of washers. The cages and the channel already have built-in balls, and this model of all brand bearings guarantees the double format, with double strut.


A pioneer in the optimization and recovery of bearings, Intacta Rolamentos has  vast experience in component refurbishment services, with numerous services performed in the industrial sector throughout Latin America. The company has a zero failure rate in services and products, guaranteeing the functionality, durability and trust of its customers.



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