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bearings for industry

Machinery is the heart of any industry, and the proper functioning of machinery and equipment guarantees the entire development of a company. This is why os  bearings for industry s are essential to ensure the durability of the active functions of all machines.

Bearings for industries ensure that there is no wear on the machinery or that the operation is interrupted, as they avoid friction between surfaces and allow effortless movement. Thus, bearings for industries ensure the intelligent and efficient rotation of the entire slewing system.

The part can have different sizes, for small or large machines. Bearings for industries allow machines to operate with immense precision. Therefore, the good quality in the manufacture of bearings for industries also ensures that technical problems or accidents to operators occur, guaranteeing safety and cost savings.


Industrial bearings are generally constructed of steel, but ceramic bearing options are available. In addition, the parts have inner and outer rings, rolling elements (balls or rollers) and a cage.

There is  the option also of gas bearings. This type of part is built with just one shaft and one box, which are separated by a gap filled with compressed air. Friction is low and operates at high speed, but does not have high load resistance. Bearings can also have ceramic rings, such as self-repairing ones, in addition to a ceramic ball with high wear resistance. This bearing reduces stress on rotating surfaces, thus making it a performance-enhancing option for critical gear and power tool applications.

There are several types of bearings for industries, and it is important to understand the expected result, so that the choice of equipment is assertive and guarantees a quality and safe service for employees and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the correct choice of bearing is essential for the functioning of the machines.


With advanced technology and challenging old paradigms in its sector, Intacta Rolamentos serves all of Latin America with excellence, modernity, in addition to efficient equipment and services. In this way, the company invests in services that achieve the highest performance of its machinery, with quality and safety for all involved. Ensuring trust and ethics, the company ensures permanent and technological solutions.

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