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mechanical bearings

Mechanical bearings are bearings intended for the automotive sector, designed for applications with large radial loads, accelerated speeds and high precision. Therefore, mechanical bearings can be found in the form of cylindrical rollers, as it is the most recommended type for installation on mechanical shafts. Mechanical bearings are usually applied to car wheels, becoming largely responsible for the proper functioning of the vehicle. Therefore, its quality is essential.

Maintenance of this component is important and must be carried out at the right time, in the right way. The detection of noise or any other type of strange noise is the first step to know if it's time to carry out a maintenance or repair on the car's bearing.


Damaged, rusted, grease clogged or heavily worn mechanical bearings can affect the performance of any car, causing irreversible damage in most cases. However, changing these bearings is often not the best solution. This means that effective restoration is the most qualified way to obtain new, defect-free bearings at a much more affordable price than performing a total replacement of these components.

Furthermore, the durability of mechanical bearings increases much further after the restoration process, which will take their strength to a new level. In this way, the bearings will have better performance, better noise filtering and greater speed, providing quality of operation for the entire vehicle.

Another advantage of the mechanical bearing restoration and maintenance service is the high efficiency in delivery, which recovers highly damaged bearings in a short period of time, with the maximum quality of a specialized service.


Founded 25 years ago and providing services in the bearing market, Intacta Rolamentos provides services throughout Latin America. With ISO certification, the company is committed to high commitment and quality in the execution of its services, which include recovery, optimization and repowering of bearings for the most different industrial segments. In this way, Intacta Rolamentos is concerned with the total satisfaction of its customers.



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