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bearings in SP

São Paulo is one of the largest cities in Latin America, where there are several industries that use bearings in machinery daily. It is common for professionals in the industrial sector to look for bearing service providers in SP and other regions to refurbish and optimize the bearings.


When talking about bearing service providers in SP and other regions that work with bearing renovations or remanufacturing, prices can vary from one company to another. It is worth mentioning that the value also depends on the complexity of the service that will be performed, but the cost-benefit is excellent, since this type of work allows for a longer useful life for the bearings.

Bearings in SP and other industrial locations are fundamental parts for the proper functioning of machinery in mining, steel, sugar and alcohol industries, among others. Bearing in industrial machines allows for the controlled relative movement of two and more parts, which is usually made of steel and chromium.

Bearing recovery, optimization and also bearing remanufacturing services in SP and other places are highly sought after in the market due to the numerous advantages they provide. The savings generated are up to 80%, as the service life of the bearings is increased by one or more times.

There are several types of bearings on the market, and the service providers of recovery and optimization of bearings in SP and other regions perform services on bearings of all brands. The bearing can be optimized more than once while still maintaining the hardness of the material.

In the processes of recovery, renovation, optimization and remanufacturing of bearings carried out by bearing service providers in SP and other locations, the bearing gains efficiency. One of the services performed is lubrication, which reduces the normal temperature of the part and increases the efficiency of the equipment.


Specialized in refurbishment, recovery and optimization of bearings, Intacta Rolamentos serves customers in Brazil throughout Latin America. Located in Barra Bonita, in the interior of São Paulo, the company has highly qualified professionals and invests in modern technology to perform great services with great agility. Thus, for several years in a row, it won the Master Cana quality award, one of the most important in the sector.

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