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reducer bearings

The reducer is a mechanical equipment that reduces the rotation speed of a device or machine, consisting of gears, gearbox bearings and housing. Responsible for transmitting mechanical power, the gearbox is used in industrial machines, wind turbines, Ferris wheels and automobiles.

A reducer works only with the possibility of a reduction rate; in case it is used for more fees, it is called exchange, as it is better known in the case of automobiles. Gearbox bearings are directly responsible for good operation and quick response, with controlled and safe rotation.


Constructed with rolling elements, balls and casters, gearbox bearings have rings in the pulley tracks and in the housing interposed between them. All elements are made of steel, and gearbox bearings have a system for normalizing the bearing, with the function of avoiding friction between the parts, guaranteeing the good rotation of the entire equipment, machine or motor.

Produced, mostly, to be applied in large machines, such as mining and wind energy machines, gearbox bearings have technology and heat treatment to reduce failures, which can be caused by the peeling of the equipment structure.

In addition, as characteristics, gearbox bearings:

  • Provide adequate lubrication;

  • Support high loads;

  • Fracture resistance;

  • High dimensional stability;

  • Extended life of machines and engines;

  • Optimized chemical composition;

  • Strength and hardness due to increased residual stress.

Like any other component of a machine or motor, bearings need periodic maintenance. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the lubrication and temperature to which the device will be exposed, as the lack of maintenance can cause the part to wear out, reducing its useful life and reflecting on the good performance of the machine.


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