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bearing repair

Bearings are essential elements for the transmission of force and movement in machines used in the industrial market. As they are essential equipment, they need maintenance and repair services to ensure their proper functioning and maximum performance, in addition to the eventual correction of failures. Bearing repair is a service offered by specialized companies in the sector, with expertise and qualified labor to perform the procedures.

Bearing repair covers optimization, recovery and remanufacturing of bearings, processes carried out using state-of-the-art technology that increase equipment life by two or more times. The execution of bearing repairs by experienced service providers can provide savings of up to 80% in relation to the purchase of new equipment, so the service is very advantageous for several segments.


Some of the segments that frequently use bearings are the following industries: steel, metalworking, automotive, railways, pulp and paper, as well as mining, cement and sugar-alcohol plants. These sectors need an agile and accurate bearing repair service, with a double guarantee for the performance of the equipment on the production line.

With the passage of time and continuous use, the bearings can present a series of failures and wear, such as oxidation, gap in the separator ring, fatigue, overheating, hardening and gap in the cage, high roughness, among other conditions, which are corrected by the bearing repair.

During the bearing repair, specialized technicians dismantle the equipment and apply corrective and preventive treatments to the inner and outer rings and rollers, ensuring the correctness of all parts. In addition, the optimization provides a bearing with a long service life and preserved hardness, verified by strict quality control after interventions.


Intacta Rolamentos is a renowned company, located in the city of Barra Bonita, in São Paulo, which stands out for its expertise in repair, maintenance and optimization of spherical roller bearings. The company's pillars are state-of-the-art technology, vast know-how in the sector and the zero failure rate in the execution of services, serving industries and plants throughout Latin America, in addition to bringing its concepts and technological challenges to its area of expertise. acting.

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