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cylindrical bearings

Bearings are crucial parts for the good performance and safe activity of industries in all segments. Knowing how to choose which type of bearing to use is decisive to prevent technical failures from occurring. The bearing manufacturing process is long and complex, however, necessary for the safety of the machine that will use it, as they are composed of rolling elements (balls), inner and outer rings, cages and raceways, and the bearings are manufactured in steel.

Cylindrical bearings are a simple construction bearing option. The cylindrical shape maintains contact with the raceway, allowing friction between rolling elements and the edge of the ring to be reduced. In addition, cylindrical bearings can receive a double finish on the ring race, which provides greater resistance to loads and rigidity to the equipment.


Cylindrical bearings are produced in different shapes, sizes and series of dimensions, which makes them used in many different machines and equipment. The bearings are modular, which allows them to be disassembled with great ease, adding a long service life.

In addition to supporting high radial loads, cylindrical bearings are highly resistant to acceleration at high speeds, as they offer high roller precision for operation at varying speeds. Cylindrical bearings are manufactured in different dimensions, which are assigned a designation for each execution:  N, NU, NJ, NUP or NF. The designations NJ and NUP are mostly used to support radial loads or axial loads.

It's not just machines or equipment with continuous and fast rotation that make use of cylindrical bearings; automobiles also need their turning control and radial load support. Thus, heavy electric motors, wagon axle boxes, pressure trolleys, among others, work efficiently and safely through the aid of well-built and durable bearings.


Awarded and recognized in its segment, Intacta Rolamentos carries out bearing repairs to keep them in excellent activity for the entire sugar and alcohol industry and other customers. With more than 300 plants and distilleries served, Intacta Rolamentos offers optimized and economical solutions, including environmental ones, for all of Latin America. In this way, it guarantees the success of the activities of all its customers.

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