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bearing price

Service providers that work with good price bearing renovation and recovery are highly sought after in the market. This type of part is essential in equipment for industries in various segments, such as sugar and alcohol mills, mining, steel mills, paper mills, among others.


There are several types of great price bearings on the market, and each performs a different kind of function. The thrust bearing, for example, is designed to support axial loads, enabling resistance to high impact loads. Spherical roller bearings are double row components that guarantee longer equipment life.

When researching the bearing price, the result is industrial bearings, which are one of the most used models on the market. It is a type of part used in industrial machinery in order to allow the controlled relative motion of two or more parts. Therefore, the piece is manufactured with highly durable materials, such as chrome steel.

The most sought after services for the excellent price bearing are the recovery, optimization and remanufacturing of bearings. This type of technology increases the service life of the bearings by one or more, which guarantees savings of up to 80%. In this way, the recovery, optimization and remanufacturing of the bearing price equivalent to the service performed can be applied in various situations that use bearings from 100 mm industrial. In addition, these types of services can be performed on bearings in presses, heavy vehicles, ports, trains, machinery in the sugar and alcohol industries, mining, among others. 

It is worth mentioning that all bearing marks at an appropriate price can be recovered in the optimization processes offered by specialized service providers. It is possible to optimize the same bearing more than once, as the material hardness does not change.


Intacta Rolamentos is a service provider based in Barra Bonita, São Paulo, that performs repair and recovery of bearings for customers throughout Latin America. With services aimed at industries and plants that use bearings, through cutting-edge technology and with the help of trained professionals, the company takes the best in the market. In this way, Intacta Rolamentos performs work with agility and reliability, which resulted in the achievement of the Master Cana Quality awards for several years.

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