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cross roller bearing

Part of greater complexity, the crossed roller bearing has high rotational accuracy, with great capacity to support loads in any direction. This type of bearing is used in applications that require high precision.

The crossed roller bearing consists of outer rings, inner rings, spacer rings and rolling elements, the outer ring being closed by clamping rings. There are defined measurements for a crossed roller bearing, which are prescribed by the ISO 18 series, in accordance with DIN 616.



The strength and efficiency of a crossed roller bearing is rooted in its design. With X-shaped construction, its cylindrical rollers are capable of absorbing axial and radial forces from both sides, with the ability to withstand various load combinations, with varying torque moments. The cross roller bearing has rigid rollers provided with normal clearance, low clearance and also pre-stressed, which helps to ensure the accuracy of movements. So, there is a type of cross roller bearing to meet every need for a project or machine.

Despite its complexity, a crossed roller bearing can also be refurbished and revitalized. In this way, machines and equipment that make use of this type of bearing can count on a service that generates savings and allows for the continuity of the part's operation. The companies that operate the cross-roller bearing recovery service work with trained professionals to perform the service efficiently, within the customers' needs, offering warranty and technical assistance.



Intacta Rolamentos is an ISO 9001 certified company, which has the tradition and quality of its 25 years of experience in the recovery and optimization of bearings in Brazil and Latin America. The company, headquartered in the city of Barra Bonita, in the state of São Paulo, is a pioneer in the provision of services for the optimization, renovation and reuse of spherical roller bearings, with the mission of offering solutions to generate greater performance for industries, through bold and innovative processes.

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