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tapered roller bearing

The industrial environment needs solutions that are up to the most difficult challenges, always maintaining a high utilization that aims to meet more and more demands, such as the use of tapered roller bearings, used in machinery that work with high loads.


As much as the resistance of tapered roller bearings is its main attraction during the realization of an industrial project, there are still several benefits that are obtained with the use of the component. Among the benefits obtained, the following are listed:

  • Less friction: when used in an optimized design, the lange allows the formation of a lubricant, resulting in a low friction of the part;

  • Extended service life: in general, the tapered roller bearing allows the load around the contact surfaces to be distributed, reducing the greater volume of tension present at the ends of this roller, reducing irregular wear and prolonging the useful life of the part;

  • Great reliability: the tapered roller bearing surface allows the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricating film, promoting greater reliability to the project;

  • Reduced break-in: Through a well-developed design, the tapered roller bearing has a shorter break-in period, resulting in lower part wear and avoiding high temperature peaks, to contribute to increased service life.

  • All benefits depend, however, on a well-designed project. Another important point is that the tapered roller bearing can still be repaired,  in order to optimize and take advantage if necessary, prolonging its useful life, without having to change the part as a whole. .


One of the references throughout Latin America, Intacta Rolamentos is one of the pioneers in the services of optimization, reform and reuse of tapered roller bearings for industries of the most diverse branches, working with techniques of its own domain. In view of all the excellence presented in the services performed in tapered roller bearings, the company won the Master Cana Award for consecutive years. In addition, the company's management system is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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