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Bearing remanufacturing

In order to ensure the full performance of bearings used in the industrial sector, it is essential to carry out remanufacturing of bearings. To hire the service, it is recommended to look for a service provider known to perform activities whose failure rate is zero.

Bearing remanufacturing consists of a process that uses high technology to extend the life of the part. Depending on the model used during the service, the repowering of bearings makes all the difference in an industrial operation, being responsible for collaborating with productivity.


In addition to increasing the longevity of the part, the special grinding method applied in the remanufacturing of bearings reduces their working temperature, which keeps the product in good condition for much longer.

The special grinding mode is also responsible for facilitating bearing lubrication and reducing energy consumption during its use in a productive sector. For this reason, it is considered the best bearing remanufacturing model on the market.


Bearing remanufacturing is a highly advantageous activity for the industrial segment. It is worth mentioning the savings provided by the provision of services, which reaches 80%, compared to the purchase of a new product.

In addition, the activity of remanufacturing bearings is agile due to the high technology used, which ensures fast delivery times. Other benefits are the response and service time, the expansion of the product's guarantee of use and the possibility of reusing it once or more.

Bearing remanufacturing is also responsible for correcting the problems that most affect parts due to time of use, such as oxidation, high roughness, wear due to load concentration, fatigue, among others.



A reference in the renovation and recovery of bearings, Intacta Rolamentos fully meets the needs of the national and Latin American industry. The diversity of sectors served is wide and includes sugar and alcohol, pulp and paper, automotive metal mechanics, among others. Intacta Rolamentos has the ISO seal and received the Master Cana quality award in ten consecutive editions.

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