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recover bearings

The industrial sector has a large amount of machinery that makes use of bearings in order to operate. Bearing recovery service is something that can help industries to save costs and ensure the operation of their production systems, in order to avoid the consequent waste of natural resources.

The process of recovering bearings makes the parts already worn out by constant use have a longer useful life, with the performance of some procedures and the replacement of some items. Recovering bearings can be a procedure done through partial or deeper reforms, depending on the situation of each part.


The choice between buying a new part and recovering a used part must be made in accordance with the real benefits of each case. Choosing to recover bearings results in great cost-benefit, as it offers a much lower cost than purchasing a new bearing and, at the same time, keeps the bearing working as if it were new, without causing any type of defect or problem.

The service of recovering bearings can be done in parts of different sizes and that perform different functions in different machines and equipment. Therefore, in principle, the entire industry can opt for the bearing recovery service.

There are bearings with different designs, which perform more complex functions, but which can undergo the service of recovering bearings and having their functionality recovered. To recover bearings, it is necessary to look for companies recognized in the market for providing the service with quality and efficiency, offering warranty and due technical assistance for each situation. Companies must work with experienced and technically qualified professionals to perform the service.


Offering solutions to generate greater performance for industries through bold and innovative processes, with Brazilian technology, is the mission of Intacta Rolamentos. The company has the know-how of more than 25 years in the recovery and optimization of bearings, in order to perform works of extreme reliability and quality. In this way, Intacta Rolamentos offers its products and services throughout Latin America, from its location in the city of Barra Bonita, in the interior of São Paulo, innovating efficiently in its procedures.

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