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Slewing bearing recovery

Slewing bearing recovery is a procedure that employs state-of-the-art technology to make the part ready for work in the production sector. It is possible to carry out the recovery of slewing bearings on all types of parts, no matter the brand, as long as they start from 100 mm.


Over time, bearings wear out and lose their effectiveness, so they need to be replaced. The recovery of slewing bearings represents savings of 80% to the customer when compared to the purchase of an equipment product. In addition, slewing bearing recovery provides other advantages, such as:

  • Extend the life of the equipment by one or more times;

  • Service response period;

  • Agility in the delivery time;

  • Increase in warranty of use.

It is worth mentioning that slewing bearings are used in several segments, such as ports, trains, heavy vehicles, presses, steel, mining, pulp and paper and sugar and alcohol.

Through the use of highly specialized labor, the recovery of slewing bearings is extremely important to correct problems caused by the product over time.

To ensure that all parts are properly restored during slewing bearing recovery, it is critical to disassemble the product. Thus, corrections or preventive procedures are made to ensure the effectiveness of the bearing when applied in an industrial operation.

Slewing bearing recovery can be performed once or more – in some cases, the process is done six times. Even so, corrective or preventive treatments do not affect the hardness of the material or the radial clearance of the product. After recovery, the bearing undergoes trial tests, which aim to attest to the quality of the product.


Due to the excellence in the execution of its activities, Intacta Rolamentos was awarded the Master Cana quality award. Specialized in the reform and recovery of bearings, the company meets the demands of industries located throughout Brazil and in Latin American nations, with quality proven through its ISO certification.



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