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Bearing recovery

Considered an excellent technology to increase the useful life of a bearing, the bearing recovery activity serves a wide range of industrial segments, which depend on the part for the full performance of their production. Among other areas, the provision of services in the recovery of bearings meets the demands of ports, trains, heavy vehicles, presses, mining, pulp and paper and sugar and alcohol.


To serve the industrial sector with quality, the recovery of bearings must have a special method of grinding. Thus, it is possible to increase not only the longevity of the product, but also to decrease its working temperature.

The bearing recovery procedure perfectly protects the product's factory characteristics and makes it possible for the same process to be carried out effectively more than once – there are situations in which the part is reformed up to six times. In addition, the bearing recovery activity, which uses the special grinding mode, helps to facilitate product lubrication and results in energy savings during operational work.


The main objective of bearing recovery is to perform corrective and preventive treatments that restore the part, in order to allow its use for a longer period of time. The procedure makes it possible to end, for example, oxidation, overheating, high roughness, fatigue and wear by concentrated load.

All types of industrial bearings from 100 mm, of the most varied brands, are suitable for bearing recovery work. In this way, the product must be completely disassembled, so that all its parts receive the proper treatment. At the end of the process, the bearing undergoes rigorous testing tests in order to verify the quality of the product for use in the industry.


Since its foundation, Intacta Rolamentos has been dedicated to refurbishing and recovering bearings used in the industrial sector. Its client portfolio encompasses different sectors, such as sugar and alcohol, pulp and paper, steel and mining. Serving with complete satisfaction all of Brazil and Latin American countries, Intacta Rolamentos has the ISO seal and Master Cana quality awards.

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