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polishing in bearings

Polishing is a procedure that removes impurities from a piece and makes its surface smoother and brighter. In this way, polishing in bearings allows these devices to have a longer useful life, generating savings for companies and helping to preserve the environment.

Through bearing polishing, machines that make use of large bearings, in industries, can count on these parts with full functionality for longer. Bearing polishing increases the life of the machines and guarantees quality work, which results in productivity.



The service of recovery, or remanufacturing of bearings, often makes use of polishing in bearings. Through this procedure, the bearings are renewed and resume their function with practically the same characteristics as new bearings. Bearing polishing, within a parts recovery process, causes a very expressive increase in useful life. There are cases of industrial bearings that are recovered up to six times and operate normally.

The bearing polishing process gives the part surface the characteristics necessary to operate efficiently, with the operability for which it was designed. Therefore, the same piece can be recovered several times, generating cost reduction and contributing to the preservation of the environment, since natural resources are not removed to make a new piece. Therefore, this type of service must be performed by companies recognized for their quality and competence in carrying out the polishing service on bearings.


Intacta Rolamentos is a company that has 25 years of know-how in the recovery and optimization of bearings, being a pioneer in the market for optimization, renovation and reuse of spherical roller bearings. Headquartered in Barra Bonita, in the interior of São Paulo, the company serves clients throughout Latin America, with the mission of offering solutions to generate greater performance for industries, through bold and innovative processes, with Brazilian technology.

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