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Bearing optimization

Bearing optimization is a process that uses high technology to increase the longevity of this part, which is essential in many industrial operations. The main advantages of optimizing bearings are the great service response time, 80% savings over purchasing a new bearing, reusing the part for one or more times, a  warranty twice as much usage compared to buying a new product, and reduced delivery time by up to 90%.


In addition to increasing the life of the product, optimization in bearings needs to be carried out so that the part receives corrective or preventive treatments, in order to guarantee greater operational safety and productivity.

Among other fixes, the optimization in bearings makes it possible to treat against:

  • Oxidation and wear on the rollers;

  • Wear due to concentrated load;

  • Fatigue;

  • Hardening clearance in the cage;

  • High roughness rate;

  • Overheating.

Corrective tasks performed during bearing optimization require the total disassembly of the part, which ranges from the inner and outer rings to the rollers.


It is important to note that the optimization in bearings does not change the hardness of the material. After performing the procedure, hardness tests are carried out, as well as ultrasound tests, in order to evaluate the dimension and roughness. The tests attest to the high efficiency of the optimization in bearings and guarantee the safety in the use of the product.

Likewise, the procedure is done carefully so as not to interfere with the radial clearance, to the point of exceeding the maximum values in accordance with each manufacturer. Thus, the bearing can pass through the final quality control with ease.


For 25 years working with a focus on the renovation and recovery of bearings, Intacta Rolamentos provides its services to a wide range of sectors, such as automotive metalworking, sugar and alcohol, pulp and paper, mining, steel, among others. With ISO certification and quality awards from Master Cana, the company serves the entire national territory and Latin American countries with excellence.

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