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where to buy bearings

Bearings can be found in various brands and models on the market, used in agricultural machinery, presses, industrial machinery for steel mills, mining companies, paper mills, among others. Many professionals look for where to buy bearings and also to recover them, since they are fundamental parts for the operation of a series of equipment.



Before looking for where to buy bearings or carry out their recovery, renovation, optimization and repowering, it is essential to look for a company specialized in the market and request a quote. The cost-effectiveness of bearing recovery is excellent, as this type of service increases the life of the parts considerably.

Many professionals, when looking for where to buy bearings or repair them, only take the price into consideration. It is also necessary to know the company and service provider very well, in order to know if it has modern machinery and well-trained employees, which provides security for customers.

It should be noted that before looking for where to buy bearings, professionals should invest in the renovation and optimization of bearings. Bearing overhaul services increase the durability of parts and guarantee savings of up to 80%.

Many professionals look for where to buy bearings and also their recovery, as the service can be done in various models of bearings. The reform, repowering and optimization of bearings can be carried out in bearings of heavy vehicles, trains, machines in the sugar and alcohol industries, steel mills, mining companies, among others.

Many companies that sell bearings do not have services for their recovery, so professionals when looking for where to buy bearings should also contact service providers who work with bearings overhaul. Bearing optimization can be performed on parts of various brands, and this process can be performed more than once, in order to conserve the material's hardness.


Intacta Rolamentos is a service provider that operates in the bearing market with repair and recovery of parts. The company invests in the most modern technologies, which provide longer service life to the bearings. Therefore, it has trained employees to perform quality and speedy work, ensuring the total satisfaction of customers throughout Latin America. Intacta Rolamentos won the Master Cana Quality award, one of the main ones in the market, for several consecutive years.

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