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Bearing maintenance

Industrial bearings are important parts for the operation of machinery and equipment in the industry. In order for its functionality to remain permanent, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of bearings with some frequency, in order to prevent defects that can compromise the productivity of a company.

Bearing maintenance, in its preventive mode, checks the condition of the parts and carries out procedures that increase their useful life, carrying out repairs necessary to increase their durability. Corrective maintenance of bearings, on the other hand, solves the problem of these parts when they already have defects and need an immediate solution.


All machinery in an industry needs to be well maintained so that its operability is constant and, thus, does not compromise the company's production. Many machines have bearings between their parts, which usually perform essential functions for their operation. Therefore, it is essential to carry out preventive maintenance of bearings to avoid breakage and damage.

Another advantage of bearing maintenance is the reduction of expenses with the purchase of new bearings, generating savings for the company. This also contributes to the preservation of the environment, since no more natural resources are extracted to make a new piece.

Even when a defect arises in a bearing, regardless of size, bearing maintenance service can often provide a smart and cost-effective solution to resolving the faults and getting the bearing back up and running efficiently. Reputable companies with a tradition in providing services with quality and guarantee should be sought for carrying out maintenance of bearings.


Dedicated to building new concepts and breaking old paradigms in the sector, Intacta Rolamentos is a company specialized in the recovery and optimization of bearings. The company has extensive experience in the market for optimizing, refurbishing and reusing spherical roller bearings, with over 25 years of experience. Located in the city of Barra Bonita, in São Paulo, Intacta Rolamentos serves customers throughout Latin America. The company has more than 300 plants and distilleries among its customers, with a zero failure rate in the services performed.

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