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Industrial bearing cleaning

Cleaning industrial bearings is a fundamental step in optimizing the part, a highly technological process that increases its useful life by one or more. The industrial bearing cleaning procedure can be done on all models of spherical roller bearings, of all brands, from 100 mm.

Bearings are used in different situations, such as in presses, heavy vehicles, ports, trains and in the sugar and alcohol, mining, paper and cellulose sectors, among others. The savings provided by cleaning industrial bearings and subsequent renovation of the product reaches 80%.

Due to the cleaning of industrial bearings followed by the part remanufacturing process, it is possible to obtain an excellent response and service time, in addition to a double use guarantee in relation to the new product. Another advantage of the procedure is the reduced delivery time of the bearing by up to 90%.


Cleaning industrial bearings, which aims to restore the product, allows a series of readjustments, in order to positively impact the work of the part when subjected to an operation.

Among the corrections made during the bearing recovery process are: high roughness, oxidation, overheating, wear due to load concentration and fatigue, among others.

It is worth mentioning that all elements undergo correction or prevention treatment during the cleaning of industrial bearings and subsequent optimization of the part, from the inner and outer rings and the rollers. For this, the product needs to be completely dismantled. Cleaning industrial bearings, as well as activities that include their recovery, can be carried out more than once with the same effectiveness.


Intacta Rolamentos is a service provider specialized in the refurbishment and recovery of bearings used in various industrial sectors, such as steel, mining, automotive metal mechanics, pulp and paper, sugar and alcohol, among others. Serving all of Latin America, the company has ISO certification and Master Cana quality awards, which has resulted in it being a global reference in its segment for the excellence of its services.

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