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Bearing inspection

Industries from the most different fields of activity use bearings in their machinery, however, maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of the equipment. For this, bearing inspection becomes a standard procedure, which must be carried out periodically.


Bearing inspection generates several positive impacts for the industry that uses the part in its machinery. In this way, it generates several short- and long-term benefits, such as the following:

  • Anticipation of bearing failures: with the inspection of bearings, it is possible to observe if the part has future failures, facilitating possible repairs and replacements, in addition to avoiding unexpected stops, breaks in other parts of the machine; as a consequence, it avoids excessive spending;

  • Detection of lubrication failures: in addition to the failure of the part as a whole, the inspection can also assess whether any type of lubrication failure occurs, identifying the need for more lubricant and helping the bearing to function better;

  • Excessive lubrication check: Excessive lubrication can cause the bearing to malfunction, leaving the part with lower than expected performance. Therefore, the level is checked for proper lubrication;

  • Development of optimization projects: during the inspection, in addition to the detected faults, it is also possible to evaluate possible improvements that can be carried out, in order to prolong the life of the bearing and obtain the best performance.

It is worth noting that the inspection of bearings, as well as the application of the proper repairs and replacements, reduces maintenance costs due to unexpected failures and stoppages. Regarding the replacement costs of the part as a whole, the savings reach around 80%, resulting in an excellent cost-benefit for the industries.


Using proprietary techniques, Intacta Rolamentos is one of the pioneers in the field of optimization, renovation, reuse and inspection of bearings, providing excellent services to companies throughout Latin America. All the excellence in bearing inspection by Intacta Rolamentos resulted in several certifications and awards, such as the Master Cana award, one of the most recognized in the sugar-energy sector, which the company has won for ten consecutive years.

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