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bearing factory

The bearing factory is a specialist supplier of machines for the steel industry, sugar and alcohol plants, mining and cement plants. The bearings offered are essential for the transfer of movement and force in machines and equipment, helping to reduce friction during load transmission.

In addition to the bearing factory, the market also has companies specialized in optimizing, refurbishing and reusing spherical roller bearings. Quality bearings, in general, provide greater industrial park performance and considerably increase productivity in various sectors, making the role of the bearing factory essential in the market.


The bearing factory is responsible for the production and maintenance of essential components for the industrial market, employing high technology in cutting-edge solutions. Some of the common applications of bearings in the market are: presses, heavy vehicles, ports, trains, sugar and alcohol production, mining, pulp and paper manufacturing, among other industrial activities.

In addition to purchasing products from the bearing factory, it is possible to opt for bearing recovery, optimization and remanufacturing services, through technologies that increase the useful life of the equipment and provide great savings. Bearings are components subject to oxidation, concentrated load wear, spacer ring play, overheating, fatigue and other conditions, which can be overcome with proper maintenance by the bearing factory.

The services of the bearing factory allow the application of corrective and preventive treatments, guaranteeing advantages such as:

  • Better response time;

  • Reduction of delivery time;

  • Reuse of materials;

  • Increased bearing life.


Intacta Rolamentos is a solid company, located in Barra Bonita, in the interior of São Paulo, with a pioneering spirit in the market of optimization, renovation and reuse of spherical roller bearings. Intacta Rolamentos accumulates years of experience with renowned plants and industries, offering excellent services for bearings of all brands. Its differentials are state-of-the-art technology, the construction of new concepts and the zero failure rate, with customer service throughout Latin America.

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