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bearing companies

Industries from the most diverse sectors and branches of activity rely on the services of  bearing companies   as a crucial part of their processes, whether in the manufacture of parts for machinery or maintenance . However, an alternative can minimize the costs of these services, which is the optimization of bearings.


100% national techniques, developed by bearing companies of the highest standard of demand, provide the optimization of bearings. This technique promotes the best functioning of the part, prolonging its useful life and reducing the costs of replacements.

Among the main benefits obtained with services for bearings, the following stand out:

  • Reduction of unnecessary losses: without optimization, several parts that can be reformed and reused are discarded, generating not only a financial impact, but also a negative impact on the environment;

  • Better cost-benefit: the optimization, in relation to the total replacement of the part, provides savings that can reach up to 80%, and, in most cases, the process can be performed more than once on the same part;

  • Warranty extension: in general, companies usually present warranty terms for their services, which can further extend the part warranty, which, in some cases, is twice as long.

To achieve all the benefits of optimization, the services must be provided by bearing companies with experience and recognition in the market, in order to guarantee the quality of the services performed. In this way, the quality of services through its portfolio is ensured.


With more than 25 years of experience, Intacta Rolamentos is one of the pioneers among bearing companies that carry out services of optimization, renovation and reuse of bearings, working with proprietary techniques and bringing solutions to companies throughout Latin America. The primacy and prominence among the bearing companies gave Intacta Rolamentos the victory for several consecutive years of the Master Cana award, one of the most renowned and recognized in the sugar-energy area. The company still works with the strictest management system, certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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