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bearing distributor

The bearing distributor service is the best choice for customers in the mill and industrial sectors who need these mechanisms for the use of heavy vehicles, machinery or any other form of equipment with a conveyor and conveyor system. It is worth noting that the bearing distributor also serves ports and railways, enabling greater performance for machinery with bearings of all brands available in the commercial market.

Hiring a technical service is essential for expanding the production conditions of an industry. Therefore, the customer can count on the bearing distributor in all situations, from maintenance and repair, as well as emergency care and evaluation of the condition of the mechanisms. In addition, the bearing distributor ensures that the equipment has full performance and enhances the production and locomotion processes in industrial plants, providing the customer with greater confidence in their investment.


The bearing distributor offers customers a specialized, ISO-certified team performing bearing repair and restoration. In this sense, the customer has the best products on the market available due to personalized and fast service, in order to provide greater efficiency. It is worth mentioning the importance of hiring a reliable technical service for the acquisition and improvement of industrial equipment.

Investing in the best equipment allows the customer to expand their business, with quality assurance. It is in this sense that the bearing distributor performs services of high trust and commitment, to provide customers with an excellent cost benefit due to its advantages, such as:

  • Fast service and guaranteed delivery;

  • Mechanisms of the highest quality;

  • Differentiated maintenance services for each situation.


Intacta Rolamentos serves in Brazil and Latin America, with high-quality technical services in repair, maintenance, overhaul and delivery of bearings for the mill and industrial sectors. The company has been in the market for 25 years with commitment, and its main objective is to meet the needs of each customer quickly and efficiently, providing greater security in its solutions.

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