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industrial bearing repair

Industrial bearing repair is an essential service to the market due to the frequent use of this machine and its importance in industries of various segments. Through industrial bearing repair, it is possible to obtain equipment with extended service life, maximum reliability and double warranty in the industry.

To meet this demand, there are companies specialized in the maintenance and repair of industrial bearings, responsible for the recovery, optimization and remanufacturing of spherical roller bearings from 100 mm. The service is carried out through advanced technological processes and the use of specialized labor, offered by experienced and traditional service providers in the sector.


The importance of industrial bearing repair is highlighted in sectors such as: steel industries, sugar and alcohol plants, mining, cement and press and reducer industries. As they use a series of bearings in their machines, industrial bearing repair proves to be an advantageous and economical option than investing in new equipment.

With the passage of time and continuous use, bearings are subject to problems such as overheating, fatigue, high roughness, clearance in the cage and in the separator ring, oxidation and wear on the rollers, wear due to concentrated load and other conditions that impair their operation in the industrial park. In this way, industrial bearing repair is an essential service to recover equipment and correct defects found.

During industrial bearing repair, all bearing elements receive corrective and preventive treatments on the inner and outer rings, as well as the rollers. In this way, the bearing is completely dismantled and receives all the necessary repairs, guaranteeing an increase in its useful life and high performance.


Headquartered in Barra Bonita, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, Intacta Rolamentos is specialized in services for the optimization, renovation and reuse of spherical roller bearings. The company's main differentials are the breaking of old paradigms in the sector for the construction of new concepts, the constant technological challenges and the vast know-how in the recovery of bearings, which reflect in 80% savings with 100% efficiency for all customers.

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